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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:37 am    Post subject: sound low Reply with quote

Running Gentoo on my PowerMac Dual-G4 I experienced that sound is much lower than in MacOS X. Generally it works fine, I adjusted PCM and DRC, so this should not be the problem, but pushing to max volume I arrive about a middle value in OS X. It seems strange to me. I have two speakers and I get always sound as well out of the built-in speakers (except when using headphones). Going up to maximum with the volume sound becomes qualitatively "lower" as well, so I should not pass over about 80% (in Gentoo = ca. 40% in MacOS X).
I don't know if it has to do with this problem, but I'm using ALSA. If I want to be able to use amarok or juk (using arts) in KDE I have to select "auto detection" in KControl, otherwise I get no sound. I thought auto detection might detect automatically as well when a program works with ALSA. But if I want to watch an wmv or mpeg file I first have to close juk, then switch in KControl from Auto detection to ALSA and only then it works fine (a bit lower than in MacOS anyway).
Has anybody experienced something of that kind?
Also watching DVD films normally does not work. Strangely once it worked, five minutes later I wanted to watch another film and the system freezed. It's the only way to get my whole Gentoo (not only KDE!!) regularly freezed. But probably it's not sound-related.
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