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eclipse 3.2 on ppc with jdk 1.5
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 2:34 am    Post subject: eclipse 3.2 on ppc with jdk 1.5 Reply with quote

If you are unable to emerge eclipse-sdk from the portage tree using ibm-jdk-bin-1.5_beta1, you can install from the source available on the site. I used the cvs build ''

There were some preliminaries first. I wanted ant but not xerces as jdk-1.5 comes with xerces. This required editing the ebuilds to remove that. There was some trouble with using 1.5 that were solved by using ebuild unpack and editing the build.xml files so that the javac source property would use 1.5.

#cd buildScripts
#vi build.xml
--change the javacSource file to
--<property name="javacSource" value="1.4" />
#./build -os linux -ws gtk -arch ppc -compilelibs -target fetch
--The reason that you don't let the build script go with it's default is that it failed on my system.
--However, specifying the targets in order worked.
#/build -os linux -ws gtk -arch ppc -compilelibs -target compile
#/build -os linux -ws gtk -arch ppc -compilelibs -target install
--Keep an eye on the buildScripts/result subdirectory.
--Apparently the script creates a tar file and gzips under one name, then recreates it by untarring, gunzipping,
--then tar and gzip under a new name. You should probably halt the process during the second stage.
--As the tar.gz file is 100MB on my system you can imagine that stopping this process would speed things up.
#cd /opt
--All these steps can be done as a regular user, but my /opt directory is not available for that so ..
#sudo tar -xzvf /path/to/buildScripts/result/file-name.tar.gz
All that remains is adding a launcher in your favorite GUI.

The icons are located in plugins/org.eclipse.platform_3.1.0/
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