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Xorg 7 then 6.8.2
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:55 pm    Post subject: Xorg 7 then 6.8.2 Reply with quote

Hello everybody,

First of all i would like to thank all ppl who helped me out for my G3 Blue & White, i got it to work by entering at yaboot's prompt : ppc32 nodetect and modprobing the 2 modules "cmd64x" and "bmac".

I've done a network installation, took some hours but it finally works, except games on Xorg.

Xorg works tho, but the problem is that for example, on tuxracer, the fonts aren't in the right place, when i move the mouse over a menu entry, it doesnt highlight it in yellow like it should do. The only way to get it to highlight is to aim down a little bit above it.
The menu entries arent centered, i think its like 20 pixels right from what i should see.
All fonts in the game are also not in the right place, for example Please wait message is like :

Pl se ea aitW

and speed is written like :

1 5 k
2 /h m

Other then that, tuxracer's 3d graphics works perfectly good.

I also have some bugs in the game "lbreakout2", the shadow of the ball is a square, which is not really annoying for me, (its rounded on my other x86 machines) but there's also another bug, the upper limit of the game is down like 2 or 3 lines... which is a bit weird lol :S

Here's what i've done to get those bugs :

1) i have done a modular X11R7 install : it worked pefect, i was able to see every application except those 2 games above with bugs. glxgears seemed to work good, but there were no fonts in that application to make a good diagnostic.
2) i removed all X11R7 installation packages : i thought the cause of bugs on those 2 games were because X11R7 is really new plus it is in the testing branch of gentoo portage, so i removed all packages in x11-base and so on, + mesa and all drivers + virtual portage stuff mentionned in the modular X howto on the gentoo site. I also erased the package.unmask + package.keywords files in /etc/portage/ to ensure i will not merge X11R7 again
3) i've done a emerge --sync to ensure all the portage tree would be ok
4) i typed emerge xorg-x11 which emerged xorg-6.8.2 : i have been able to start the server successfully and get twm to work but same problems with the 2 games above. Also, iceWM doesnt draw icons like it should, its all scrambled :S

the USE flags i put to emerge xorg-x11 are : "-nls -type1" to allow only truetype fonts, and i dunno what is nls about lol :S it didnt seem to change things a lot with X11R7 with +nls.

Maybe if someone could tell me what libs tuxracer use, and same for lbreakout2, so i can look more into the problem, or if any of you have an idea...

I also not have any vesa driver, is that normal ? What should i do to get one to test ?

Thanks for help

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