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how to add your favorite screensaver to xscreensaver-demo
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:01 am    Post subject: how to add your favorite screensaver to xscreensaver-demo Reply with quote

I had a question about how I could get kcometen3 to run in xscreensaver-demo - it was at this thread with links to the actual screensaver sourcecode.

well....when you can't figure it hack it::

This is just a basic howto to cover maybe some other screensavers too. Some of the best screensavers are included in xscreensaver, but a few are not. Here is what I did to make kcometen3 work in xscreensaver (maybe it will work in others too)

1 - You need to have kcometen3 already installed, if not, install it.

2 - After it is installed, make sure it works in kde control center or just run it like this:


$ /usr/kde/3.5/bin/kcometen3.kss --root

If all is well,
3 - as root, copy /usr/kde/3.5/bin/kcometen3.kss to /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/kcometen3

# cp /usr/kde/3.5/bin/kcometen3.kss /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/kcometen3

4 - as root, create a new file in your favorite text editor at this location - /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/kcometen3.xml

# vi /usr/share/xscreensaver/config/kcometen3.xml

5 - insert everything below in file above so it includes:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<screensaver name="kcometen3" _label="KCometen3">
   <command arg="-root"/>
   <select id="color">
      <option id="red" _label="Red"      arg-set="-red"/>
      <option id="blue" _label="Blue"      arg-set="-blue"/>
      <option id="green"    _label="Green" arg-set="-green"/>
      <option id="all"    _label="All Colors"     arg-set="-all"/>
      <option id="random"    _label="Random Colors"     arg-set="-random"/>
   <number id="interval" type="spinbutton" arg="-interval %"
      _label="Interval" low="0.10" high="10.00" default="1.00"/>
   <number id="fps" type="spinbutton" arg="-fps %"
      _label="Max FPS" low="30" high="999" default="100"/>
   <boolean id="desktop"    _label="Desktop" arg-unset="-no-desktop"/>
   <file id="image" _label="Image File" arg="-image %"/>
   <select id="size">
      <option id="128" _label="128x128"      arg-set="-128"/>
      <option id="256" _label="256x256"      arg-set="-256"/>
      <option id="512"    _label="512x512" arg-set="-512"/>
      <option id="real"    _label="Real Size"     arg-set="-real"/>
   <boolean id="lightning"    _label="Lightening" arg-unset="-no-lightening"/>
   <boolean id="camera"    _label="Camera Rotation" arg-unset="-no-camera"/>
   <boolean id="slowmotion"    _label="Slowmotion" arg-unset="-no-slowmotion"/>
               To configure for now, please use:

               /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/kcometen3 --setup
      Written by Peter Mueller    
      mail:   pmueller (at)

6 - Modify main xscreensaver config file located at /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver to add config line to include kcometen3 in the *programs section:

# vi /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver

6a - press i to insert, and scroll down until you see the *program section


*programs:                                                                    \
        GL:       "Cyclone"  cyclone --root     \n\
        GL:      "Euphoria"  euphoria --root    \n\
        GL:    "Fieldlines"  fieldlines --root  \n\
        GL:        "Flocks"  flocks --root      \n\
        GL:          "Flux"  flux --root        \n\
        GL:        "Helios"  helios --root      \n\
        GL:    "Hyperspace"  hyperspace --root  \n\

6b - add the next line after the GL: "Hyperspace" hyperspace --root \n\ line:

        GL:       "KCometen3"  kcometen3 --root     \n\

7 - test it -
8 - run xscreensaver-demo
9 - select KCometen3
10 - configure to your liking ----->>>> see 11 first
11 - I didnt know all the variables, so in the meantime, use this code to configure it - I will update the xml file if/when author gets back to me.

$ /usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/kcometen3 --setup

12 - apply it as default screensaver...... in fluxbox or some other window manager
13 - enjoy

Still not sure about all the configuration variables (I have emailed the author to find out for sure)...but this works real well in the meantime:

/usr/lib/misc/xscreensaver/kcometen3 --setup

UPDATED 03-01-2006 - author stated he would work on a version compatible with xscreensaver that allows --options to be passed.

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