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Problems with emerge -uavDN world
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Location: Purdue University

PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:17 am    Post subject: Problems with emerge -uavDN world Reply with quote

Im doing a system update on HP Omnibook 6100 Laptop. (Pentium III mobile)

emerge -uavDN

I get the following output

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating world dependencies... done!
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/kbproto-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-misc/util-macros-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libX11-1.0.1-r1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xextproto-7.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto-1.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/inputproto-1.3.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xproto-7.0.5)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXau-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/bigreqsproto-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXdmcp-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xcmiscproto-1.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/xtrans-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libxkbfile-1.0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/setxkbmap-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libICE-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libSM-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXext-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/fixesproto-4.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXfixes-4.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/compositeproto-0.3.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXcomposite-0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev-
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXxf86misc-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86miscproto-0.9.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/liblbxutil-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXrender-0.9.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/renderproto-0.9.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/dmxproto-2.2.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXt-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libxkbui-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86driproto-2.0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86dgaproto-2.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/videoproto-2.2.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-base/xorg-server-1.0.2-r7)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXpm-3.5.5)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXaw-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXmu-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/trapproto-3.4.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXtst-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/recordproto-1.13.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xineramaproto-1.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libdmx-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/rgb-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/iceauth-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/fontsproto-2.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/mkfontscale-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libfontenc-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/mkfontdir-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/encodings-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-util-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/bdftopcf-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXfont-1.1.0-r1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/fontcacheproto-0.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-alias-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86rushproto-1.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-misc-misc-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/damageproto-1.0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-cursor-misc-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/glproto-1.4.7)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/resourceproto-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXres-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/randrproto-1.1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xkbcomp-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/evieext-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xauth-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-misc/xbitmaps-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-misc/makedepend-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-libs/mesa-6.4.2-r2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/xf86vidmodeproto-2.2.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/printproto-1.0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXxf86vm-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXi-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libdrm-2.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xinit-1.0.2-r6)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXft-2.1.10)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xclock-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-wm/twm-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xrdb-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-proto/scrnsaverproto-1.1.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking app-doc/xorg-docs-1.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXdamage-1.0.3)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xhost-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-base/xorg-x11-7.0-r1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXScrnSaver-1.1.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXxf86dga-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xmodmap-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard-
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXcursor-1.1.7)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXrandr-1.1.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-apps/xrandr-1.0.2)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati-
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXinerama-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking media-fonts/font-bh-type1-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXp-1.0.0)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse-1.0.4)
[blocks B     ] <=x11-base/xorg-x11-6.9 (is blocking x11-libs/libXv-1.0.1)
[blocks B     ] sys-apps/pam-login (is blocking sys-apps/shadow-4.0.15-r2)
[ebuild     U ] sys-devel/binutils-2.16.1-r3 [2.16.1-r2] USE="nls -multislot -multitarget -test -vanilla" 41 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-devel/gcc-config-1.3.13-r3 [1.3.13-r2] 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/debianutils-2.15-r1 [2.15] USE="-build -static" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/man-pages-2.33 [2.20] USE="nls" 1,749 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/coreutils-5.94-r1 [5.2.1-r6] USE="nls -acl -build -static" 4,989 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/sysvinit-2.86-r5 [2.86-r3] USE="-bootstrap -build -static" 100 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/baselayout-1.11.15-r3 [1.11.14-r3] USE="-bootstrap -build -static -unicode" 157 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-fs/udev-087-r1 [079-r1] 185 kB
[ebuild  NS   ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.16-r12  USE="-build -doc -symlink" 230 kB
[ebuild     U ] media-libs/freetype-2.1.10-r2 [2.1.9-r1] USE="zlib -bindist -doc" 1,022 kB
[ebuild     U ] media-libs/libpng-1.2.12 [1.2.8-r1] USE="-doc" 606 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/file-4.17-r1 [4.13] USE="python -build" 543 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-crypt/hashalot-0.3-r2 [0.3-r1] 78 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-fs/e2fsprogs-1.38-r1 [1.38] USE="nls -static" 3,536 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/util-linux-2.12r-r3 [2.12r-r1] USE="crypt nls perl -old-crypt -static" 1,503 kB
[ebuild   R   ] x11-base/xorg-x11-6.8.2-r8  USE="bitmap-fonts dlloader* ipv6 nls opengl pam truetype-fonts type1-fonts xv -3dfx -3dnow -cjk -debug -dmx -doc -font-server -insecure-drivers -minimal -mmx -nocxx -sdk -sse -static -xprint" 0 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/util-macros-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/kbproto-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 56 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xextproto-7.0.2  USE="-debug" 66 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto-1.1.2  USE="-debug" 36 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/inputproto-1.3.2  USE="-debug" 45 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xproto-7.0.5  USE="-debug" 127 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXau-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 226 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/bigreqsproto-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 35 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXdmcp-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 226 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xcmiscproto-1.1.2  USE="-debug" 35 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/xtrans-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 89 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libX11-1.0.1-r1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 1,386 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libxkbfile-1.0.3  USE="-debug" 254 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/setxkbmap-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 82 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libICE-1.0.1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 248 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libSM-1.0.1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 234 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXext-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 254 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/fixesproto-4.0  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXfixes-4.0.1  USE="-debug" 222 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/compositeproto-0.3.1  USE="-debug" 36 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXcomposite-0.3  USE="-debug" 213 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86miscproto-0.9.2  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXxf86misc-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 217 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/liblbxutil-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 236 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/renderproto-0.9.2  USE="-debug" 39 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXrender-0.9.1  USE="-debug" 234 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/dmxproto-2.2.2  USE="-debug" 38 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXt-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 505 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libxkbui-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 216 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86driproto-2.0.3  USE="-debug" 41 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86dgaproto-2.0.2  USE="-debug" 39 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/videoproto-2.2.2  USE="-debug" 41 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXpm-3.5.5  USE="-debug" 340 kB
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/ed-0.2-r6  181 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXmu-1.0.2  USE="ipv6 -debug" 266 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXaw-1.0.2  USE="-debug -xprint" 511 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/trapproto-3.4.3  USE="-debug" 47 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/recordproto-1.13.2  USE="-debug" 38 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXtst-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 207 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xineramaproto-1.1.2  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libdmx-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 225 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/rgb-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 89 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/iceauth-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 82 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/fontsproto-2.0.2  USE="-debug" 44 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libfontenc-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 223 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/mkfontscale-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 85 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/mkfontdir-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 60 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/encodings-1.0.0  USE="-debug" 587 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-util-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 96 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/fontcacheproto-0.1.2  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXfont-1.1.0-r1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 577 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/bdftopcf-1.0.0  USE="-debug" 73 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.0  USE="nls" 826 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-alias-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 41 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86rushproto-1.1.2  USE="-debug" 36 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-misc-misc-1.0.0  USE="nls" 1,812 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/damageproto-1.0.3  USE="-debug" 36 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-cursor-misc-1.0.0  USE="nls" 41 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/glproto-1.4.7  USE="-debug" 52 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/resourceproto-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 35 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXres-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 220 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/randrproto-1.1.2  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xkbcomp-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 180 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/xkeyboard-config-0.8  400 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/evieext-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 36 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xauth-1.0.1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 93 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/xbitmaps-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 54 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-misc/makedepend-1.0.0  USE="-debug" 100 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/xf86vidmodeproto-2.2.2  USE="-debug" 38 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/printproto-1.0.3  USE="-debug" 42 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXxf86vm-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 222 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXi-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 240 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libdrm-2.0.1  USE="-debug" 374 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-libs/mesa-6.4.2-r2  USE="motif -debug -hardened" VIDEO_CARDS="radeon -i810 -mach64 -mga -none -r128 -s3virge -savage -sis -tdfx -trident -via" 2,844 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXft-2.1.10  USE="-debug" 246 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xclock-1.0.2  USE="-debug -xprint" 101 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-wm/twm-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 218 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xrdb-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 90 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xinit-1.0.2-r6  USE="-debug -minimal" 94 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-proto/scrnsaverproto-1.1.0  USE="-debug" 37 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-base/xorg-server-1.0.2-r7  USE="dri ipv6 -debug -minimal -xprint" 5,871 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev-  USE="-debug" 211 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.0  USE="nls" 1,039 kB
[ebuild  N    ] app-doc/xorg-docs-1.2  USE="-debug -doc" 8,132 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXdamage-1.0.3  USE="-debug" 218 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xhost-1.0.1  USE="ipv6 -debug" 87 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXScrnSaver-1.1.0  USE="-debug" 221 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXxf86dga-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 226 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.1  203 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xmodmap-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 91 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard-  USE="-debug" 214 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXcursor-1.1.7  USE="-debug" 218 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXrandr-1.1.1  USE="-debug" 226 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/xrandr-1.0.2  USE="-debug" 78 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati-  USE="dri -debug" 667 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXinerama-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 201 kB
[ebuild  N    ] media-fonts/font-bh-type1-1.0.0  562 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXp-1.0.0  USE="-debug" 238 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse-1.0.4  USE="-debug" 245 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-apps/mesa-progs-6.4.2  795 kB
[ebuild  N    ] x11-libs/libXv-1.0.1  USE="-debug" 219 kB
[ebuild     U ] x11-base/xorg-x11-7.0-r1 [6.8.2-r8] USE="-3dfx" INPUT_DEVICES="evdev% keyboard% mouse% -acecad% -aiptek% -calcomp% -citron% -digitaledge% -dmc% -dynapro% -elo2300% -elographics% -fpit% -hyperpen% -jamstudio% -joystick% -magellan% -magictouch% -microtouch% -mutouch% -palmax% -penmount% -spaceorb% -summa% -synaptics% -tek4957% -ur98% -vmmouse% -void% -wacom%" VIDEO_CARDS="radeon% -apm% -ark% -chips% -cirrus% -cyrix% -dummy% -fbdev% -fglrx% -glint% -i128% -i740% -i810% -imstt% -mach64% -mga% -neomagic% -nsc% -nv% -nvidia% -r128% -rendition% -s3% -s3virge% -savage% -siliconmotion% -sis% -sisusb% -tdfx% -tga% -trident% -tseng% -v4l% -vesa% -vga% -via% -vmware% -voodoo%" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] x11-libs/qt-3.3.6-r1  USE="gif ipv6 opengl -cups* -debug -doc -examples -firebird -immqt -immqt-bc -mysql -nas -nis -odbc -postgres -sqlite -xinerama" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/arts-3.5.2-r1  USE="alsa esd mp3 vorbis -artswrappersuid -debug -jack -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -nas -xinerama" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] app-text/ghostscript-esp-8.15.1_p20060430  USE="X gtk xml -cjk -cups* -emacs -threads" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/kdelibs-3.5.2-r6  USE="alsa arts spell ssl tiff -acl -cups* -debug -doc -jpeg2k -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -kerberos -legacyssl -openexr -xinerama -zeroconf" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-libs/cracklib-2.8.9 [2.8.5] USE="nls python" 562 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/kdebase-3.5.2-r2  USE="arts opengl pam ssl -cups* -debug -hal -ieee1394 -java -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -ldap -lm_sensors -logitech-mouse -openexr -samba -xcomposite -xinerama -xscreensaver* -zeroconf" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] rox-base/rox-2.2.0  USE="-svg*" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] media-plugins/xmms-arts-0.7.1-r2 [0.7.1-r1] 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-crypt/gnupg-1.4.4 [] USE="X bzip2* nls readline zlib -curl -ecc -idea -ldap -smartcard -static -usb" LINGUAS="-ru%" 2,975 kB
[ebuild     UD] dev-tcltk/tls-1.4.1 [1.5.0] 91 kB
[ebuild     UD] media-plugins/xmms-infopipe-1.3 [1.3-r1] 0 kB
[ebuild     UD] net-im/amsn-0.94 [0.95-r2] USE="gnome imlib kde* xmms" 2,240 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-editors/nano-1.3.11-r2 [1.3.9] USE="ncurses nls spell -build -debug -justify -minimal -slang -unicode" 1,145 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-process/procps-3.2.6 [3.2.5-r1] 272 kB
[ebuild   R   ] media-libs/imlib2-  USE="X bzip2* gif jpeg mp3 nls png tiff* zlib -doc -mmx" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] gnome-base/librsvg-2.12.7-r1 [2.12.7] USE="gnome zlib -debug -doc" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] media-gfx/graphviz-1.16-r1  USE="tcltk*" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/shadow-4.0.15-r2 [4.0.7-r4] USE="nls pam -nousuid -skey" 1,264 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-misc/openssh-4.3_p2-r1 [4.2_p1-r1] USE="ipv6 pam tcpd -X509 -chroot -hpn -kerberos -ldap -libedit -sftplogging -skey -smartcard -static" 919 kB
[ebuild  N    ] virtual/pcmcia-2.6.13  0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/busybox-1.1.3 [1.00-r4] USE="-debug -floppyboot -make-symlinks -netboot -savedconfig -static" 1,402 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/gawk-3.1.5-r1 [3.1.4-r4] USE="nls -build" 2,256 kB
[ebuild     U ] app-arch/tar-1.15.1-r1 [1.15.1] USE="bzip2 nls -build -static" 1,573 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-base/libgnomeprint-2.12.1  USE="-cups* -debug -doc" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-libs/libsoup-2.2.94 [2.2.7] USE="ssl -debug -doc -static" 471 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-extra/nautilus-cd-burner-2.12.3  USE="-cdr -debug -dvdr -hal* -static" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-extra/gnome-utils-2.12.2  USE="ipv6 -debug -hal*" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-base/gnome-applets-2.12.3  USE="apm ipv6 -acpi -debug -hal*" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] gnome-extra/yelp-2.12.2-r1 [2.12.2] USE="firefox* -debug" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] x11-libs/qt-4.1.2  USE="gif jpeg opengl png zlib -accessibility -cups* -debug -doc -examples -firebird -mng -mysql -nas -nis -odbc -postgres -sqlite -xinerama" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/dbus-0.61-r1 [0.60-r4] USE="X gtk python qt3* -debug -doc -mono" 1,695 kB
[ebuild     U ] media-video/totem-1.2.1-r1 [1.2.1] USE="firefox% gnome mad mpeg nsplugin* ogg vorbis xv -a52 -debug -dvd -flac -lirc -theora -win32codecs -xine" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] gnome-base/control-center-2.12.3-r1 [2.12.3] USE="alsa eds gstreamer -debug" 0 kB
[ebuild  N    ] gnome-base/gnome-common-2.8.0  USE="-debug" 57 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-extra/gnome-games-2.12.3  USE="-artworkextra -debug -guile -howl*" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] www-client/epiphany- [] USE="firefox* python -dbus -debug -doc" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-base/gnome-2.12.3  USE="-accessibility -cdr -dvdr -hal*" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] gnome-base/gnome-libs-1.4.2  USE="esd% kde* nls -doc" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] x11-themes/redhat-artwork-0.131  USE="gtk kde* xmms" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/kdegraphics-3.5.2  USE="arts imlib opengl pdf -debug -gphoto2* -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -openexr -povray -scanner -tetex -xinerama" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] media-gfx/xv-3.10a-r12  USE="jpeg png tiff*" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/kbd-1.12-r6 [1.12-r5] USE="nls" 867 kB
[ebuild  N    ] sys-apps/setserial-2.17-r3  51 kB
[ebuild   R   ] net-wireless/bluez-utils-2.25-r1  USE="alsa gtk pcmcia* udev -cups* -dbus" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/less-394 [385_p4-r2] USE="-unicode" 480 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/kdeartwork-3.5.2  USE="arts opengl -debug -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -xinerama -xscreensaver*" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] dev-python/PyQt-3.14.1-r1  USE="-debug -doc -examples*" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] kde-base/kdeadmin-3.5.2  USE="arts -debug -kdeenablefinal* -kdehiddenvisibility* -xinerama" 0 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-process/psmisc-22.2 [21.9] USE="X% ipv6 nls" 238 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-misc/rsync-2.6.8-r2 [2.6.0-r6] USE="ipv6% -acl -build -static -xinetd" 754 kB
[ebuild     U ] sys-apps/hdparm-6.3 [5.9] 43 kB
[ebuild     U ] net-print/cups-1.1.23-r8 [1.1.23-r7] USE="nls pam ssl -gnutls -samba -slp" 0 kB
[ebuild   R   ] app-office/openoffice-2.0.2-r1  USE="eds gnome gtk kde* xml -binfilter -cairo -java -ldap -mono" 0 kB

Total size of downloads: 72,062 kB

!!! Error: The above package list contains packages which cannot be installed
!!!        at the same time on the same system.

This is my make.conf

# These settings were set by the catalyst build script that automatically built this stage
# Please consult /etc/make.conf.example for a more detailed example
CFLAGS="-O2 -march=pentium3 -pipe"
USE="X pcmcia gnome gtk qt kde bitmap-fonts truetype-fonts type1-fonts tiff png tcltk firefox bzip2 nsplugin pdf -cdr -dvdr alsa -cups"

#NEW 2.1 Portage Additions
#Download source while compiling
#To Log emerge's messages
PORTAGE_ELOG_CLASSES="warn error log"


How can I solve it?
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Follow the Xorg migration guide for the xorg-6.9 blocker.

For the pam-login and shadow...

emerge -C pam-login && emerge -u1 shadow

Do NOT logout, or reboot, until shadow has finished. You will not be able to login until it's done. It'll take the livecd to fix if something goes wrong there.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 12:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moved from Portage & Programming to Duplicate Threads, please see these topics: xorg-x11-6.9 -> xorg-x11-7.0-r1 everything blocked (solved) and pam-login blocks shadow.
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