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Install problems on Blue & White G3 w/ Adaptec SCSI
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 2:01 pm    Post subject: Install problems on Blue & White G3 w/ Adaptec SCSI Reply with quote


I have a 450MHz Blue & White G3 on which I'm trying to install Gentoo (my first time on PPC). The main thing that is "unique" about my setup -- and the thing that is causing me the biggest headache -- is that I am not using the IDE drive (the drive recently died), but rather am using a SCSI drive that is connected to an Adaptec AHA-2940 UW controller.

Incidentally, I successfully installed Debian PPC earlier in the day, so I know that this procedure should be within the realms of linux possibility.

Problem 1: Gentoo (minimal install) CD gives a kernel "oops" when booting -- can't detect some piece of hardware, not exactly sure which piece is causing the hiccup. I thought I saw in another thread that the ATI Rage 128 may be causing Gentoo/kudzu problems.

I can get around problem (1) by passing a "nodetect" option.

Problem 2: After booting with "nodetect", I am having a hard time getting the SCSI hard drive to be recognized -- at least, in a stable way.

I'm not 100% sure which driver I need for this Adaptec controller. I had Debian PPC installed, and there were a whole bunch of drivers loaded that may or may not have been related (aic79xx, aic7xxx, aec62xx...) , most of which don't appear to be available on the Gentoo minimal install CD. I do see the aic79xx driver, though, so I figured that was probably the best place to start.

What I tried:
$> modprobe aic79xx
$> modprobe sd_mod

I get some messages indicating that it's found my drive, when I issue the 'modprobe sd_mod' command. I can even use mac-fdisk to create some partitions, but then after writing them, I start getting "Buffer/IO error on device sda" and then my partition map "disappears". So, clearly, I must be missing something or am using an incompatible driver.

Does anyone have experience working with this Adaptec card?

Thanks in advance -
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