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[gentoo-announce] Summary of Gentoo council meeting October 19, 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:30 pm    Post subject: [gentoo-announce] Summary of Gentoo council meeting October Reply with quote

Below is the summary of the last Gentoo council meeting.

The summary is also available on You can also find further information about the council there, as well as the full meeting log.

On behalf of the Council: following a summary of topics discussed during
the last Council meeting. (2006/10/19)

1) As requested by Robbin H. Johnson, the Council discussed the member's
current involvement with Gentoo projects:

Chris Gianelloni: games, gwn, genkernel, catalyst, new profile
structure, planning for 2007.0
Robbin H. Johnson: tree-signing, infra (Bugzilla, anon(cvs|svn))
Danny van Dyk: AMD64 releng (testing, soon new profiles)
Kingtaco: infra(Bugzilla, anon(cvs|svn), utf8 on pecker)
Mike Frysinger: toolchain, base-system
Diego Petteno: Gentoo/FreeBSD
Bryan Ostergaard: Devrel (Developer stats, fact-finding)

2) Chris Gianelloni had issued a small agenda for this meeting

Inter-project communication: Consensus that communication has improved
as of late. This covers especially spread information about project
work from Portage/Devrel/Infra to the developers.

Additionally, the council wants to put meeting summaries on
Planet Gentoo and the Gentoo Forums starting with this summary.

Design phase for new projects: New projects need to post an RFC
containing information about their goals, the plan on how to
implement their goals and the necessary resources to -dev prior to
creating the project.

This proposal was accepted with 6 members voting yes and one member
abstained from voting

Devrel etiquette guide: Needs still work before Council can discuss.
Rescheduled for next meeting. Bryan Ostergaard will be working on it.

QA Policies: Nothing new and QA lead was not available during the
meeting. Discussion has been rescheduled for the next meeting.

Dinosaur week! (Ok, this thread is so last week)
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