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[gentoo-announce] Gentoo 2007.0 released
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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 7:05 pm    Post subject: [gentoo-announce] Gentoo 2007.0 released Reply with quote

After several delays, the Gentoo Release Engineering team is proud to announce
the release of Gentoo Linux 2007.0, code named "Secret Sauce". This release
includes a completely rewritten version of the Gentoo Linux Installer on the
AMD64 and x86 LiveCD and LiveDVD images. It also includes GNOME 2.16.2, KDE
3.5.5, Xfce 4.4, Mozilla Firefox, 2.1.0, and the 2.6.19
Linux kernel.

Alpha have upgraded to GCC 4.1 and Glibc 2.5 for this release. Alpha also ends
the 2.4 kernel support with this release and moves to the NPTL threading
library which replaces the legacy LinuxThreads library.

This HPPA release primarily focuses bug fixes and updated system software.
Profiles have also been split in server and desktop profiles. The server
profile provides minimal default settings and is ideal in many environments
while the desktop profile provides all the defaults you would expect from a
workstation for HPPA.

IA64 primarily provides updated system software in this release. GCC 4.1
finally replaces GCC 3.3. GLIBC 2.5 are also new with this release. Kernel
support continues to see a steady stream of updates and bugfixes providing an
overall better IA64 experience. IA64 now also provides seperate server and
desktop profiles. The server profile provides a minimal set of USE flags while
the desktop profile provides all the features normally expected from desktop

The many updated packages is the primary highligt of this release. Important
packages includes GCC 4.1 and improved hardware support thanks to updated

The PPC team brings lots of updated packages with this release and also brings
you GLIBC 2.5.

Both 32-bit userland (32ul) and 64-bit userland (64ul) now provides server and
desktop profiles. 64ul have moved to GCC 4.1. In addition to the generic PPC64
stages this release also brings optimized stages for power5 and ppc970.

PPC64 also have seperate beta support for the Play Station 3 available in the
experimental/ tree on Gentoo mirrors.

New experimental stages have been released for both S/390 (32-bit) and S/390x

New experimental stages have been released for the SuperH platform, such as
the Sega Dreamcast and other SuperH-based computers.

SPARC have updated toolchain software including GCC 4.1 and GLIBC 2.5. SPARC
also ends support for 2.4 kernels allowing SPARC to focus on the many
improvements that 2.6 kernels provide regarding features and stability.
Finally there's improved profiles support with both server and desktop
profiles providing default USE flags for different environments.

Updated hardware support is among the highlights of the x86 release. Besides
the many updated office and productivity packages x86 also brings an update to
GLIBC 2.5.

On amd64 you can enjoy updated 32-bit emulation libraries improving support
for many closed source applications and browser plugins.

x86 and amd64 also provides both hardened and normal stages this release.
Hardened stages are still using GCC 3.4.6 and GLIBC 2.3.6 but it's possible to
upgrade from hardened to normal if needed.

"To have a successful open source project, you need to be at least somewhat successful at getting along with people." -- Daniel Robbins
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