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Local Portage Mirror on OpenWrt
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:18 am    Post subject: Local Portage Mirror on OpenWrt Reply with quote

These are instructions to set up a local rsync mirror on top of an OpenWrt device, such as a hard drive equipped router. Much of this is adapted from Gentoo's documentation, with some additional tweaks for use on OpenWrt. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else as well.

1: Create the rsyncd configuration file:

Create /etc/rsyncd.conf with this content:
pid file = /var/run/
max connections = 5
use chroot = yes
uid = nobody
gid = nogroup
# hosts allow/deny are optional
hosts allow =
hosts deny = *

comment=Gentoo Portage
exclude=distfiles/ packages/

Note: /var is symlinked to /tmp, a tmpfs mount instead of flash.

2: Start the rsync daemon on startup
An initscript has been added to the rsync package.
/etc/init.d/rsyncd enable
/etc/init.d/rsyncd start

3: Teach rsync to fetch Gentoo's portage tree:

Create (or script name of your choice) on the usbdisk
OPTS="--quiet --recursive --links --perms --times -D --delete --timeout=300"

if [ -e /mnt/usbdisk/USB_DISK_NOT_PRESENT ]; then

${RSYNC} ${OPTS} ${SRC} ${DST}


4: Sync portage with a scheduled task

Open browser Administration → Services → Scheduled Tasks
18 4 * * * /mnt/usbdisk/bin/

Click submit

In a shell:
crontab -e
18 4 * * * /mnt/usbdisk/bin/

Note: OpenWrt's default editor is vi.

5 entries separated by spaces, then the command to run. Order is:
Minutes Hour DayOfTheMonth Month DayOfTheWeek
Entry above = 04:18 each morning, every day of the year.

5: Configure workstations to use the local mirror:

Edit /etc/make.conf. Add a line that reads:

Optional: Keep scheduled task from clobbering flash if usbdisk isn't mounted
While usbdisk is NOT mounted:
touch /mnt/usbdisk/USB_DISK_NOT_PRESENT
chmod 0444 /mnt/usbdisk -R

This serves as two lines of defense. The first is the readonly mountpoint. The second is the script aborts if USB_DISK_NOT_PRESENT is found, instead of the mounted files.
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