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[TIP] Install gnome-light without gstreamer
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:21 pm    Post subject: [TIP] Install gnome-light without gstreamer Reply with quote

This is something I've tried with every version of gnome from 2.14, but it has only recently become possible with 2.20.
(coincidentally, 2.20 is also the first version where you can also install nautilus and the rest of gnome without esound, either...)

One problem I get with this is the "gnome mixer applet" doesn't work, so if that's an issue then just stick with gstreamer...
(alsamixer ftw!)

This will require copying an ebuild to an overlay and editing it, and will assume you have an overlay set up at /usr/local/portage...

gnome-base/control-center is now the only package pulled in by gnome-base/gnome-light which requires gstreamer, and this dependency can now be disabled with a simple "--disable-gstreamer" flag.

Start by copying what's needed to the overlay (everyting should be done as root);
mkdir /usr/local/portage/gnome-base
cp -a /usr/portage/gnome-base/control-center/ /usr/local/portage/gnome-base/
cd /usr/local/portage/gnome-base/control-center/
rm ChangeLog Manifest metadata.xml control-center-2.1*

You should also remove the other 2.20 versions and just leave the one you'll be installing.

Now open the remaining ebuild in your editor of choice, and make the following changes;
In the RDEPENDS section, simply delete each line for gstreamer or gst-plugins-*, for the control-center-2.20.3.ebuild these lines are;
Be sure not to remove the doublequote after the last entry (or replace it if you do).

Now go down to the pkg_setup section, and replace

Now save the file, and run the following command;
ebuild control-center-2.20.3.ebuild manifest

And that should be it, `emerge -pv control-center` or `emerge -pv gnome-light` should no longer try to pull in gstreamer or any of it's plugins.

Rationale; I don't use gnome myself, but I do use a couple of gtk apps with heavy gnome dependencies, so adding gnome-light doesn't actually pull in many additional packages for me, and it's handy to have around if I'm going to let someone else use one of my machines...
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