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Update slotted packages
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:08 am    Post subject: Update slotted packages Reply with quote

If you have some slotted packages in multiple versions installed (for instance, I had gimp-1.2.3-r2 in slot 1.2 and gimp-1.3.16 in slot 1.4), then "emerge -u world" only updates the one of the greater version (gimp-1.3.16), and ignores the one in the old slot. I've written a small script which helps updating this forgot versions.

First, you to save need this python script somewhere (/root/bin/ for me):
#!/usr/bin/env python2.2

import sys,os,portage,string

def get_slot(pkg):
        #<cat/pkg-ver> expected
                return portage.db["/"]["porttree"].dbapi.aux_get(pkg,["SLOT"])
        except KeyError:

def best_in_same_slot(pkg):
   #<cat/pkg-ver> expected
   #list the available pkgs
   #we first try to get the slot of the package as installed
   if os.access("/var/db/pkg/"+pkg+"/SLOT",os.R_OK):
   #if we've failed, we try in the portage tree
   if not len(pkgslot):
           #keep only pkgs >= to pkg
           okaylist=filter((lambda p: portage.pkgcmp(psplit[1:],portage.catpkgsplit(p)[1:]) <= 0),fulllist)
      #if no match, we quit
      if not len(okaylist):
         return ""
      #if there are some matching package,
      #we keep the slot of the first one
      okaylist.sort(lambda p1,p2: portage.pkgcmp(portage.catpkgsplit(p1)[1:],portage.catpkgsplit(p2)[1:]))
   #no we have a slot, lets keep only matching pkgs
   okaylist=filter((lambda p: get_slot(p) == pkgslot),fulllist)
   #if no match, we quit
   if not len(okaylist):
      return ""
   #return the best matching pkg

def main():
   if not (len(sys.argv) == 2):
      #print "ERROR: exactly 1 arg is needed"
   if len(bestversion):
      print bestversion


You can test it like this:
# cd /root/bin
# ./ media-gfx/gimp-1.3.16
# ./ media-gfx/gimp-1.2.3-r2

Then, you can use the following bash script to find packages in multiple slots which have availables updates (it's called /root/bin/ for me):


for dbp in $( find /var/db/pkg/ -mindepth 2 -maxdepth 2 -type d \
      | sed s:"-[0-9].*":: | uniq -d )
   for dbpv in ${dbp}-*
      pv="`echo ${dbpv} | sed s:/var/db/pkg/::`"
      bestpv="`${BESTPKG_SCRIPT} ${pv}`"
      [ -z ${bestpv} ] || [ ${bestpv} == ${pv} ] || echo "=${bestpv}"
done | sort -u

It will output a list of multiple-versions-installed packages which have updates in their slots:

You can now easily feed emerge with this output to update what portage has missed:
# emerge -pv $( ./ )

And that's it.
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