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Howto ntp + bind
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:34 pm    Post subject: Howto ntp + bind Reply with quote

Software versions:

kernel: 2.6.24-gentoo-r8

How to:

For those who followed the NTP HOWTO:

and have a working NTP.

But have issues, after having installed and configured BIND, like the following:

Error : Temporary failure in name resolution

when ntp attempts to set the clock at boot time.

Do the following:

nano /etc/init.d/ntp-client

look for the following lines:

depend() {
before cron portmap
need net
use dns logger

and simply add "named" as follow:

depend() {
before cron portmap
need net named
use dns logger

Now repeat the operation inside file:


and your ntp service should now patiently wait until your named service is up and listening before attempting to set the time on your system.

Problem that may occur:

If at some point of the BIND setup you halted the system before having the name resolution working because you changed the settings of your DNS server in your /etc/conf.d/net to your new BIND server, you may find yourself with the following message after you applied the above HOWTO:

'One of the files in /etc/{conf.d,init.d} or /etc/rc.conf has a modification time in the future'

this is off course because your NTP server couldn't set time correctly and you altered some configuration files at that time.

You can correct this by doing the following after you made sure your NTP service is able to resolve names again:

find /etc/{conf.d,init.d} -type f -exec touch {} \;

as advised in the following:

The above solution has been tested and the results match what is expected, though it couldn't obviously be tested in all the possible configurations. Nevertheless, the above commands or configuration files changes are considered safe for everyone. As always, don't hesitate to comment or even delete the thread if you consider this document is of no help or worse can damage sane systems.
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