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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:39 pm    Post subject: Gentoo wiki and such... Reply with quote

Lately I've been thinking about Gentoo not much in a technical perpective but more like in a usability and user friendlyness one. I've come up with a point that I couldn't figure out by myself so I'm asking you guys an opinion. I'm sorry if this is a dup, but honestly, I couldn't find nothing in the search. Here goes:

Why don't we have an official wiki?

Ok, this one is a major issue in my mind. Why can't we have an official wiki? Do we really have to go on relying on outdated official and incomplete (as in doesn't reach all subjects) information on and on unofficial manytimes misleading information on

Gentoo docs is a credible and useful source of information, but it only reaches certain subjects and it is frequently outdated for specific areas (as of today, openldap auth doc is nearly 3 years old. The only thing that changed is the top warning that now states that the article is incomplete, as opposed to the warning before, that stated that the doc was so old it could not be reliable). The reason this happens is because only developers can write documentation, and to reach the "developer mark" you literally have to sell your soul. Besides that, out of the ~200 developers in "the active" (or the likes), only a few seem to bother writing docs. It is definetly a ground rule of gentoo to have quality in all the official releases, and that is achieved by making these areas "developer only", and putting a heavy strain on the effort to join the developer group, in order to have hard-working people in there. But the fact is that the current team of developers can't seem to manage to write updated and diverse documentation. is constantly changing, but older pages get abandoned, and information is most of the times untested and unreliable. That is because it is "users only", and it's is not moderated as it should be.

Couldn't we have an equilibrium between these two? I mean, gentoo has the best community around linux distros. People here at the forum promptly answer your questions/remarks/yells without any trolling or getting the answer wrong most of the times. In the irc channels the same happens. Can't we just have a consensus between both documentation options and do, as an example, a "documentation team" that writes and moderates content for an official wiki? They would have less previledges than the developers and they only would write/translate documentation, not more. I'm sure that there are a lot of people willing to take the job.

Having the community "putting out fires" that should be put out by the developers as always got me somewhat confused. Does the community really have to rely on their own tools to sometimes survive, like or the now non working

Thanks, and please don't kill me :?
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Retired Dev

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Topic: Gentoo wiki and such...
Reason: This is a duplicate of an old, old subject already discussed here, here, and here.

I respectfully request that this dupe be moved to the locked duplicates forum, rather than tagging it onto the thankfully-died-ages-ago existing threads.

mod edit: It shall be so. --bunder
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