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firefox 3.1 (alpha) + sun java (beta) [howto]
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 9:33 am    Post subject: firefox 3.1 (alpha) + sun java (beta) [howto] Reply with quote

This is just a quick and dirty hack to get firefox 3.1 alpha (nightly trunk - minefield) binary version working. Current stable sun java apparently doesn't work and the beta version of sun java 1.6 update 10 is required (current version is 7). The reason - I find the firefox 3.0 a little unstable to my taste, especially with flash. (Perhaps just my system libraries). Also a little adventurous. Plus adobe flash beta 20080702 has been unstable (some sites like just krash). So here we go.

The firefox part : Just edited the ebuild to comment out all linguas and change the SRC_URI and src_unpack(). Get the modified ebuild, get firefox binary from trunk, and digest it (might require a failed emerge for that) and then emerge it :
cd /usr/portage/www-client/mozilla-firefox-bin/
ebuild mozilla-firefox-bin-3.1.ebuild digest
emerge mozilla-firefox-bin

The java part : This is a little odd (due to license issues). Get the latest sun java 1.6 update 10 (beta, early access) from

and use the modified ebuild. The SRC_URI has been removed and src_unpack modified (as license doesnt scroll down to accept). Extract the binary manually. After emerging, go to the plugins folder and remove link to, and make a new link to :
cd /usr/src/
sh jdk-6u10-beta-linux-i586.bin --unpack
cd /usr/portage/dev-java/sun-jdk/
ebuild sun-jdk- digest
emerge sun-jdk
cd /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins/
ln -s /opt/sun-jdk- .

Also try netscape-flash beta 20080702 (in portage). Uses hardware 3d accel for playback apparently. Translucent menus now work without overlapping (try using the drop down menu in Some websites may be slow though (, for example).

Of course, firefox trunk (minefield) keeps updating automatically (perhaps too frequently). Enjoy the goodies in acid3 (
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