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Method for Pseudotrue Transparency in Fluxbox
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 9:56 am    Post subject: Method for Pseudotrue Transparency in Fluxbox Reply with quote

Method for Pseudo true Transparency in Fluxbox

I like transparency but I was disappointed when I realized it only worked for the terminal onto the desktop but not for the terminal onto something else like a webpage. I know there are options out that would do this however I just wanted to see if I could make this kind of work with just straight xfree. Here is an example of the result of this procedure.

The method here describes how to get semi true transparency in fluxbox. The limitation on this method is that it can only grab one screen. If for example the webpage changes that you are looking at then the terminals transparency will not pick this up.


  1. Create the file .cdesktop and in it put the full path information to your current desktop. In my case,

    Do not use the "~/" for some odd reason this did not work later on.
  2. Create the file ttparent, and put in the following lines.
    import -window root .temp.jpg
    Esetroot $HOME/.temp.jpg

  3. Make ttparent executable and add it to your favorite run path such as /bin.
  4. Modify your ~/.fluxbox/keys file and add the following lines.
    Mod1 N  :ExecCommand Esetroot $(cat .cdesktop)
    Mod1 T  :ExecCommand ttparent

  5. Restart fluxbox

That is it. For the operation. Mod1 T means press alt t. When this is pressed, for example, while looking at a webpage it will take a snapshot of your current screen, then make that your new desktop and start up a new Eterm. To switch back to your orginal wallpaper press alt n. These keybindings can be changed to whatevery you like.

For people using aterm this will probably work but I don't use aterm so please post if you are successful with this method.

To dos

  • Add the ability to grab a new screenshot. What I would like to be able to do is minimize all the Eterms, grab a new screenshot and then restore the previously minimized etems.
  • Make this more dynamic.

Please post any suggestions or improvements.
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