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ubuntu kernel sources + reiser4 (uhelium-sources)
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:40 am    Post subject: ubuntu kernel sources + reiser4 (uhelium-sources) Reply with quote

in a (open source) world with no dearth of linux kernel sources, here is a by-product of my recent ubuntu adventures.

for those interested in trying out (yet another) feature full kernel from another distro (a fedora or a opensuse kernel may be more technically interesting than ubuntu though) - this is stock ubuntu kernel sources along with reiser4, squashfs+lzma and fbcondecor (fbsplash) - shamelessly named *uhelium* ;) - current version 2.6.27-uhelium0 :
kernel patch :
broken-out :

note : i386 deb packages are also present for ubuntu intrepid. (meant only for the experienced. no howto for now, will create one when i find time. in short, may use deb packages or install from source either generic way or using the debian specific make-kpkg (kernel-package). feel free to contact me for details though.)

more verbose for the interested :
the ubuntu kernel has quite a few features like unionfs, squashfs (vanilla, no lzma), laptop support (tpsmapi, toshiba, acer, ...), uuid support and many obscure drivers (atl2, et131x, wireless, via unichrome9, lirc, ..) and some big stuff (gfs clustering filesys, compcache ...) (see the section 'Ubuntu Supplied Third-Party Device Drivers' while doing 'make menuconfig' for more details). reiser4 would make a nice addition. so does fbcondecor, althouh ubuntu uses usplash (a very nice userspace splash program and imo better than fbcondecor).

while pretty much satisfied with the stock ubuntu kernel, apart from the usual (ricer) itch to compile a new kernel, there were a few annoyances which i wanted to overcome.

<rant> i don't understand these minor annoyances in ubuntu. its a fantastic distro - they have inherited all the good from debian, done all the hardwork, and they are left with showstopping (from my perspective) stuff like broken uvesafb and v86d (due to a silly reason to stick with a old klibc to maintain debian compatibility), the perennial pulseaudio menace (i hope gentoo never gets it ;)) , and a few other bleeding edge stuff totally unnecessary. instead, they are spending time on worthless stuff like silly themes, given the communinty already has some stunning themes (imo). for now, fedora artwork is good for me :). </rant>
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