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kdevelop-plugins svn file collision
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:20 pm    Post subject: kdevelop-plugins svn file collision Reply with quote

here are the outputs:
>>> Installing (3 of 5) dev-util/kdevelop-plugins-9999
 * checking 29 files for package collisions           
 * This package will overwrite one or more files that may belong to other
 * packages (see list below). You can use a command such as `portageq   
 * owners / <filename>` to identify the installed package that owns a   
 * file. If portageq reports that only one package owns a file then do   
 * NOT file a bug report. A bug report is only useful if it identifies at
 * least two or more packages that are known to install the same file(s).
 * If a collision occurs and you can not explain where the file came from
 * then you should simply ignore the collision since there is not enough
 * information to determine if a real problem exists. Please do NOT file
 * a bug report at unless you report exactly which
 * two packages install the same file(s). Once again, please do NOT file
 * a bug report unless you have completely understood the above message.
 * package dev-util/kdevelop-plugins-9999 NOT merged                     
 * Detected file collision(s):                                           
 *      /usr/share/apps/kdevappwizard/templates/qmake_qt4guiapp.tar.bz2 
 * Searching all installed packages for file collisions...               
 * Press Ctrl-C to Stop                                                 
 * kde-base/kapptemplate-4.3.2                                           
 *      /usr/share/apps/kdevappwizard/templates/qmake_qt4guiapp.tar.bz2 
 * Package 'dev-util/kdevelop-plugins-9999' NOT merged due to file       
 * collisions. If necessary, refer to your elog messages for the whole   
 * content of the above message.                                         

can I remove collision protect in this case?
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