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[HOWTO] Isolinux Hybrid ISO ( bootable from any device )
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:05 pm    Post subject: [HOWTO] Isolinux Hybrid ISO ( bootable from any device ) Reply with quote

Ok this guide will explain a 3 step process to take advantage of sys-boot/syslinux's isohybrid binary which converts images that can be bootable from any removable device like usb sticks or an external hard drive. I will explain how you can take any of the autobuild images as of now, so you can carry a Gentoo Linux minimal install cd on your usb stick or removable device 8)

The only requirement for this guide is that you have loop support in your kernel CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP. You also need to have the app-cdr/cdrkit or app-cdr/cdrtools I prefer the former. Anyways lets get on with it.

0. Download your iso image
We will begin with the latest amd64 auto build image, you may choose the image you want but in this guide we will use the amd64 iso.


# wget

1. Mount the iso then copy data
Now that we have our desired image, we will mount and then copy it's contents for editing.


# cd /tmp
# mkdir iso cp
# mount -o loop install-amd64-minimal-20091203.iso iso
# cd iso
# find . | cpio -pdm ../cp && cd $OLDPWD

2. Modify the isolinux for hybrid mode
This is a key step in this process, since catalyst's isolinux.bin is not compatible with isohybrid yet. What we will simply do is remove the outdated isolinux.bin and replace it with the one provided by sys-apps/syslinux today.


# cd cp/isolinux
# rm isolinux.bin
# cp /usr/share/syslinux/isolinux.bin . && cd $OLDPWD

3. Prepare the hybrid iso image!
We are almost done!! that was easy but before we go lets properly create our image and then apply isohybrid to it.


# mkisofs -J -R -l -V \"Gentoo\ Linux\ Hybrid\ Media\" -o install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/ -no-emul-boot \
-boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table cp
# isohybrid install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso
# isoinfo -l -i install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso >install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.CONTENTS.gz
# unsquashfs -ll cp/image.squashfs | gzip -9v >install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.CONTENTS-squashfs.gz
# echo "# MD5 HASH">install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.DIGESTS
# md5sum install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso >>install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.DIGESTS
# echo "# SHA1 HASH">>install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.DIGESTS
# sha1sum install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso >>install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso.DIGESTS

Done! Now for your last tip is how the hell to put this cool new image into your bootable device right?. Well here are two ways, my favorite is using dd but I will show you how with cat for those pussy lovers.
Note: Change <DEVICE> to your bootable device not it's partition. Be warned that any partitions on this device will be destroyed!!

Using dd to copy the iso contents.

# dd if=install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso of=/dev/<DEVICE> bs=8192k

Using cat

# cat install-amd64-minimal-20091203-hybrid.iso >>/dev/<DEVICE>

Quiz: Guess which one copy to the device faster ;)

Copyright © 2010-2600. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license version 2.5.
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