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[gentoo-announce] GLSA 200309-12: OpenSSH
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2003 8:50 pm    Post subject: [gentoo-announce] GLSA 200309-12: OpenSSH Reply with quote

- - -
- - -

PACKAGE : openssh
SUMMARY : buffer management error
DATE : 2003-09-16 22:53 UTC
EXPLOIT : remote
VERSIONS AFFECTED : <=openssh-3.7_p1
FIXED VERSION : >=openssh-3.7.1_p1
CVE : CAN-2003-0693

- - -

quote from advisory:

"All versions of OpenSSH's sshd prior to 3.7 contain a buffer management
error. It is uncertain whether this error is potentially
exploitable,however, we prefer to see bugs fixed proactively."

read the full advisory at:

This is a follow up advisory to indicate the further fixes have been
made. From the ChangeLog:

- (djm) OpenBSD Sync
- 2003/09/16 21:02:40
[buffer.c channels.c version.h]
more malloc/fatal fixes; ok millert/deraadt; ghudson at MIT.EDU

(reported on by
Christian Rubbert <>)


It is recommended that all Gentoo Linux users who are running
net-misc/openssh upgrade to openssh-3.7.1_p1 as follows:

emerge sync
emerge openssh
emerge clean

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Gentoo Linux

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