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[SOLVED] cyrus-sasl with checkpw.c.patch
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:04 am    Post subject: [SOLVED] cyrus-sasl with checkpw.c.patch Reply with quote

I have worked cyrus-imapd server and need to move it to another server.

I installed a new version of Gentoo and the latest cyrus-imapd and cyrus-sasl. I transferred all configs from the old server to the new one. But the server refused to accept the connection from the mail client. After extensive experimentation, I found that the server accepts the connection only if the database password is stored in plain-text (we have a working database passwords are stored as md5 hashes). Which allowed me to conclude that from the cyrus-sasl disappeared checkpw.c patch. After another long series of experiments with attempts to compile a working version of pop3/imap server I found that the "old" versions of cyrus-sasl not compiled with the latest mysql/mariadb (ie they are compiled, but they are "not see" the database libraries ).

After all the experiments, I decided to make own overlay on the basis of the latest available version of cyrus-sasl (2.1.26-r9). Patch checkpw.c I had to apply "by hands",because the source code wos modified that prevented the use of the patch program. Then I had another tricky, because from disappeared the key "-lcrypt".

After all I got working overlay, that successfully compiled, executed and accept connections from clients using production database with crypted passwords.

Here is the link on my overlay:

P.S. Please exuse me errors in my post - English is not my native language.
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