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[SOLVED]paludis/cave fails after fetching source package
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:05 am    Post subject: [SOLVED]paludis/cave fails after fetching source package Reply with quote

I recompiled paludis using portage and now everything runs very well. Still strange.

Dear All,

I never had a serious problem with paludis/cave for a long time, but now I am really stuck: After world update it stops after fetching the software packages without any hint:


Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 1675417 (1.6M) [application/x-tar]
Saving to: `/var/paludis/distfiles/paludis-0.64.1.tar.bz2.-PARTIAL-'

100%[======================================>] 1,675,417    304K/s   in 8.9s   

2011-07-04 06:54:51 (184 KB/s) - `/var/paludis/distfiles/paludis-0.64.1.tar.bz2.-PARTIAL-' saved [1675417/1675417]

mv -f /var/paludis/distfiles/paludis-0.64.1.tar.bz2.-PARTIAL- /var/paludis/distfiles/paludis-0.64.1.tar.bz2

Failed fetch for sys-apps/paludis-0.64.1:0::gentoo

 * Checking whether the GNU info directory needs updating...
cave@1309755293: [WARNING e.ebuild.configuration.master_repository] In thread ID '5682':
  ... In program cave print-repository-metadata installed --raw-name location --format %v:
  ... When making environment from specification '':
  ... When loading paludis environment:
  ... When creating repository from file '/etc/paludis/repositories/x11.conf:
  ... When making ebuild repository from repo_file '/etc/paludis/repositories/x11.conf':
  ... Key 'master_repository' in '/etc/paludis/repositories/x11.conf' will override '/var/paludis/repositories/x11/metadata/layout.conf'. You should probably remove the 'master_repository' setting from your repository config file.
 * No updates needed


failed:    fetch sys-apps/paludis-0.64.1:0::gentoo
*** Output log: /var/log/paludis/1309755281-fetch-sys-apps_paludis-0.64.1:0::gentoo.out
skipped:   install sys-apps/paludis-0.64.1:0::gentoo to ::installed replacing 0.64.1

 * You have 3 unread news items (use 'eselect news' to read)

 * Searching for configuration files requiring action...
 * No configuration file updates required

This s just an example. The output log is empty. Also --log-level debug does not provide additional informaton.

Can anybody help me please?[/code] :?:
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