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Reinstalling iBook OSX 10.1 restore disc
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Massimo B.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:00 am    Post subject: Reinstalling iBook OSX 10.1 restore disc Reply with quote


for sale I need to reinstall the 3 original restore discs of OSX 10.1 to the iBook G3. Booting these discs do not recognize the hard drive as target anymore, only sees the CD itself which is the source. It looks like this install routines are running an old MacOS 9 and its function is to restore an image-file. I have around 8 partitions just like the PowerBook.
OSX and Gentoo boot fine from hard drive, so the partitions are healthy, maybe just too modern for the old OSX. From within OSX (10.3 is currently installed) and partition utility I can see the Linux partitions but I'm not able to delete them from there.
I also have the 10.4 DVD from the PowerBook, but the iBook drive has somehow problems to read DVDs, though it's capable, and was not able to boot them (maybe booting is possible by a firefire DVD I have, did not try so far).

I tried to repair different stuff from OSX partition utility, after that yaboot was removed and boots directly into OSX, ok, but original restore disc is still not able to find a valid target drive.

I tried to clean the harddrive by a dd if=/dev/zero...
So I booted a quite recent Ubuntu-PPC live CD, but mac-fdisk -l showed the harddrive as invalid, only CD-drive was there. Ok, the Ubuntu is maybe +1 year old, but the state of this Linux on iBook is older, I did not touch that Gentoo for over one year now.
Maybe I should just try again with the iBook as firewire-target-mode on the PowerBook and erase that complete disc? 10.1 install should at least recognize a zero-emptied disc.

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