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prey ebuild (anti-theft software)
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:07 am    Post subject: prey ebuild (anti-theft software) Reply with quote

just posting this here in case anyone wants it
i may at some point toss it on bugzilla, but putting it here because I'd otherwise forget about it

Software homepage:

They also have a semi-complete web control panel similar to what they use if you do the "non-standalone" version, over on github:

Not going to write an ebuild for that, largely, because a)I generally don't like using portage to install webapps, b)given that I have no interest in e.g. webapp-config as a *user*, I have even less interest in writing an ebuild that uses it

at any rate, here goes

prey-0.5.3.ebuild (i put it in app-admin)


# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

inherit eutils

DESCRIPTION="Prey Project Anti-Theft Software"



src_prepare() {
# use /etc/prey.conf instead of /usr/share/prey/config
epatch "${FILESDIR}"/confpath.patch || die

src_install() {
dodir /usr/share/prey || die
insinto /etc
newins "${WORKDIR}"/prey/config prey.conf || die
cp -rp "${WORKDIR}"/prey/* "${D}"/usr/share/prey || die

pkg_postinst() {
ewarn "Before you first run prey, you will need to open up the"
ewarn "config file at /etc/prey.conf and change your settings"
ewarn "according to your configuration. If you're using the"
ewarn "Control Panel, then you only need to insert your API and"
ewarn "Device keys; otherwise you need to set up your SMTP"
ewarn "server settings."
ewarn " "
ewarn "Prey runs as a cron job, which you will need to create"
ewarn "It should look similar to:"
ewarn ""
ewarn " */20 * * * * /usr/share/prey/ > /var/log/prey.log"
ewarn ""
ewarn "Further documentation is included with the package, and"
ewarn "can be found at /usr/share/prey, or online at ${HOMEPAGE}"


--- prey/core/setup.orig        2011-09-18 23:21:27.208869001 -0500
+++ prey/core/setup     2011-09-18 23:22:34.674585001 -0500
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@
        readonly lang
        readonly start_time=`date +"%F %T"`

-       readonly config_file="$base_path/config"
+       readonly config_file="/etc/prey.conf"
        readonly tmpdir="$tmpbase/p${RANDOM}"
        readonly last_response="$tmpbase/prey-last-response.xml"
        readonly on_demand_pipefile="$tmpbase/prey-on-demand.pipe"
--- prey/   2011-09-19 00:05:16.000000000 -0500
+++ prey/        2011-09-19 00:05:39.000000000 -0500
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@

 . "$base_path/version"
-. "$base_path/config"
+. "/etc/prey.conf"
 [ ! -f "lang/$lang" ] && lang='en' # fallback to english in case the lang is missing
 . "$base_path/lang/$lang"
 . "$base_path/core/base"
--- prey/core/functions.orig    2011-02-15 10:01:48.000000000 -0600
+++ prey/core/functions 2011-09-19 00:09:04.000000000 -0500
@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@
                save_config_value device_key "$device_key"

                if [ $? == 1 ]; then
-                       log " -- There was a problem saving the configuration. You probably don't have permissions to modify $base_path/config."
+                       log " -- There was a problem saving the configuration. You probably don't have permissions to modify /etc/prey.conf"
                        log " -- All set. Assigned key is $device_key."

If you want to just wget the stuff, you can do so here:

(NB: if years in the future someone finds this, and the above link is dead, it means either I'm dead, or I can't afford my electric/DNS/internet/anyoftheaforementioned bill.)

hope this helps someone. Not sure I'll check on this thread after today, so if anyone changes the ebuild, i doubt I'll see it. And, installing/configuring the thing is up to you!

I wrote this thinking I'd use it, before realizing crypto on my laptops means no data loss, and, my laptops are so damn cheap and shoddy if they were stolen I wouldn't bother retrieving them. I plan on using it on my mobile devices, but it has no use on my linux desktops/laptops. Maybe it does for yours, so I share!
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