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HOWTO: udev, sep /usr, no initramfs. eudev:3.1.5 rc:0.23.2
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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CyberMuz wrote:
I have /usr on separate LVM partition, I used the instruction from the first page to mount it without initramfs but I have some problems. As you can see in the screenshot right after openrc boot I get an error that md5sum is missing and that /usr is not mounted. After that it complains about missing awk (because /usr is not mounted)
System boots correctly and /usr is mounted from fstab couple of steps later...
How can I fix this and force /usr to be mounted at the start so that this errors don't appear?
Bleh, sorry Muz, especially for the delay in response.
You need another, very minor, patch to /lib/rc/sh/ to deal with the red error messages at startup:
--- /lib/rc/sh/
+++ /lib/rc/sh/
@@ -12,13 +12,13 @@
 # check for md5sum, and probably /usr too
 if command -v md5sum >/dev/null; then
+elif yesno "${initramfs:-YES}"; then
    eerror "md5sum is missing, which suggests /usr is not mounted"
    eerror "If you have separate /usr, it must be mounted by initramfs"
    eerror "If not, you should check coreutils is installed correctly"
-   got_md5sum=false
 # By default VServer already has /proc mounted, but OpenVZ does not!

The errors about awk though, are another matter; you need to see why tinyproxy is being pulled into the sysinit runlevel. (I'm guessing that is what is pulling in postgres.) You can do that with less or any text file viewer, but if it helps, I use some sh functions in /root/.bashrc and idepend to inspect the deptree.
Though I'd check your config first, to make sure you're not setting some rc_need or the like.
I'm not familiar with the service, so sorry I can't be more helpful.

wrt your runlevels, I noticed straight off that you have syslogger and cron in default; I have them both in boot. Certainly there are things in boot that go after logger, like dhcpcd here.
I also moved modules to sysinit, since it gets pulled there by kmod-static-nodes anyway.
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