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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:20 pm    Post subject: QDeskMenu Reply with quote

Hi everybody!

To improve my C++-programming skills i started to work on a project that was forming in my mind for quite some time now. Some years ago i was using compiz-standalone. As i was using fluxbox before i kinda liked the idea of having some kind of "desktop-menu" for starting programms, logging out... There was even something for compiz and this was compiz deskmenu. For my purposes it worked quite well but i always liked the idea of auto-creating the menu so i developed something that used desktopentry-files to create the corresponding menu (plus some self-tailored things to make it possible to shutdown or reboot the computer).

Now i finally have a first working version of my program "QDeskMenu". Like compiz-deskmenu it consists of two components. The first component is QDeskMenu, it is a daemon-like program that reads desktop-entry files and creates the menu. The other is QDeskMenuDisplay which like the name suggests, is a simple display of the menu written in C++ using Qt. As QDeskMenu uses standardized technologies like dbus you can easily write your own display but you can also use the provided implementation, which i developed to test my implementation.

How to get it:

For gentoo users it's easy:

1. clone my personal overlay


git clone git://

2. emerge qdeskmenu


emerge -v =qdeskmenu-1.0 or emerge -v =qdeskmenu-9999

3. start QDeskMenu after logging in using your favorite display-manager. E.g. use ~/.xinitrc

4. add keybinding to activate the display-programm. E.g. use compiz keybindings

I hope somebody else can make use of it.


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