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Need enlightenment for creating UEFI bootable USB stick
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:45 am    Post subject: Need enlightenment for creating UEFI bootable USB stick Reply with quote

I have a HP 110-3098nr which is UEFI booted. This is an Atom based Netbook. This particular unit has a cracked screen. My intention is to either use in headless mode or with an external monitor.

I'd like to boot this unit using USB stick {assuming such is supporteed}.

Ideally, I'd like to either have a UEFI booting USB stick based on either the Gentoo amd64 ISO image or the sysreccd iso image.

Does anyone have or can anyone point me to instructions for creating UEFI bootable USB sticks?

I've read the following references:I've also read a number of related forum posts.

Beyond that:
  1. I can find nothing in HP's netbook documentation regarding the possibility of booting this netbook with a USB stick. HP's documentation assumes booting from a CD disk if not booting from the primary hard drive. Is USB based booting supported on these PCs?
  2. Ideally, I'd like to create a System Rescue CD based UEFI bootable USB stick. The sysresccd provided USB tools and manual USB creation instructions both seem to assume an MBR partition based USB stick. Does anyone have instructions for a GPT partitioned USB stick?
  3. The reason for basing a UEFI bootable USB stick using sysresccd is because I'd like to retain {if possible} the current GPT based drive and just 'shrink' the current Windows NTFS based partition in order to support dual boot capability. i.e. I'd like having the extra disk tools on sysresccd available if I need them etc ..
  4. When this unit comes up initially, it displays only on it's internal screen. Nothing is displayed on the external monitor. I cannot find any HP documentation which tells me the exact steps to {if I can} change the the UEFI boot to display at both the internal LCD screen and the external monitor at the same time during boot. Also, the Netbook Hardware Admin maintenance programs under windows don't seem to have any settings for this. If someone has blind instructions for enabling the external monitor immediately from power on, this would be very nice.
  5. Initially, the unit boots into some alternate OS which is oriented to specific functions like Internet search, Pictures, and some other stuff. If I move the mouse over a special windows icon or simply let the automatic counter run out, Windows loads. After Windows finished loading, then both the internal LCD monitor and the external VGA monitor are running. So I know the VGA port works.

Any and all additional enlightenment welcome!
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You can use the Gentoo minimal InstallCD ISO, install syslinux (4.06_pre11 is recommended for EFI) and run isohybrid --uefi to make it USB bootable. Then dd it onto a USB stick.

This might also work with other ISOs, however many have isohybrid already applied and I am not sure what will happen in that case.

Regarding the external monitor you will need a kernel with i915 driver compiled in, and pass appropriate video=... kernel parameter. See at the bottom (applies to Intel graphics too).
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