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media-sound/guayadque-0.3.5 transcode fails
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:13 pm    Post subject: media-sound/guayadque-0.3.5 transcode fails Reply with quote

Guayadeque-0.3.5 does not transcode audio formats - suggested solution (works for me)

Seeking a replacement for good old departed Rhythmbox, I've tried many players and stumbled upon guayadeque.

An awesome player, especially the intelligent playlist is great - the default parameters do fine (don't repeat one of the last hundred, include every song)....I don't know how, but out of my 11.000 songs in the collection,
it picks similar or somehow related songs by magic.
There's a lot of music I don't like in every mood, a regular shuffle would play them as well - not here. I play one song that I really like and need at the moment, it finds a similar one as next one. And displays the next four it is going to play.

However, one issue was there:
Transcoding for portable devices did not work. A FLAC for my MP3-stick for the car would show
0 bytes transferred in 00:00

The terminal would say
Error creating the transcode source

I contacted the developer, anonbeat and got a list of plugins to check, however: installing gst-plugins/gio did the trick for me. Now it works like a charm.
Not sure if many people use guayadeque, but it's a great player - and if you got the transcoding issue, this may help.

Details are on the Buzilla:
Bugzilla 482012
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