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installing gentoo on gigabyte brix
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:56 pm    Post subject: installing gentoo on gigabyte brix Reply with quote

for anyone thinking of trying to install gentoo onto gigabyte's brix mini-pc, i thought i would report my experience and give two thumbs up.

i purchased a gigabyte gb-xm14-1037 barebones system and then referenced their recommended hardware site to pick up a kingston kvr1333d3s9 4GB memory module and a kingston sms200s3 60GB ssd drive. i also added a hdmi-to-dvi converter so i could use an old monitor just long enough to boot the system with the minimal install. the system assembled easily so the software was the only hurdle.

i started by following the instructions in to create a bootable usb drive. the brix comes with two usb ports so one port holds the bootable usb drive and the other holds the keyboard and i connected the monitor to the hdmi port via the hdmi-to-dvi adaptor. i powered up the unit and after a few tries correctly guessed that one needs to hold down the f12 key to get the bios boot menu. after selecting the usb drive the unit booted without a hitch.

my unit came with a realtek 8169 gigabyte ethernet chip and a realtek 8188ce wifi chip. these drivers were easy to configure in the kernel but i should note that 8188 requires a driver which comes with the sys-kernel/linux-firmware package. i did, however, download the latest drivers from realtek and update the ones supplied by the linux-firmware package. i've read about a lot of problems with the 8192 driver but the only problem i've experienced is that the driver won't a recognize 802.11-n access point, just 802.11-g.

it was a pretty painless install.
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