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Junk in genpatches
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:54 pm    Post subject: Junk in genpatches Reply with quote

Hi there,

I am using Gentoo for almost a decade already. I use it on a developments workstation, on desktops, on servers and in a test lab. I've always been using gentoo-sources for all the stuff.
Release 3.13.2 of gentoo-sources brings up two patches:
gcc march "optimizations"
BFQ ioscheduler

I think, the inclusion of these two patches in genpatches should be considered more thoroughly, and this is why:
1. Gentoo-sources were always vanilla enough for kernel developers. You could always write a message to lkml, and they do not divert you to local bugtracker like they do with redhat users. Gentoo-sources bring only non-intrusive and non-destructive features
2. Gentoo-sources are used in Handbook during install procedure. This means, all new coming people face this package, and so there should not be anything, that can potentially be harmful or produce unpredictable experience
3. Gentoo-sources, besides vanilla, are the only choice for stable system, like a server, for those not willing to go along with hardened gentoo. Given that vanilla does not have fbcondecor patch, gentoo-sources are the only choice for a "stable" desktop. Bringing there some "black magic" makes it "unstable"
4. GCC patch is questionable at least. There was an attempt to bring it mainline, but the submitter failed to prove its effectiveness [1]. To the contrary, there was at least one case, where this "optimization" actually hurt, so this patch is not so safe. What is the reason for gentoo to bring it in then?
5. There are several kernel packages in tree with these unsupported and questionable patches, like zen or pf, so all red-eyed "optimizzee" geeks already have what they need
6. Gentoo already have a reputation of a "linux for nerds" despite being a perfect server distro in hardened branch, almost perfect desktop distro in stable arch, and a greatest development distro in ~ arch. Bringing such patches into official kernel shifts the reputation even more toward geeks and frighten away new users.

To sum it all up: those patches are fine for pf-sources, but not for official stable package (I know, 3.13.2 is not stable, but stabilization will catch up eventually)

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