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Macbook Pro, EFI & ZFS on LUKS
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:30 pm    Post subject: Macbook Pro, EFI & ZFS on LUKS Reply with quote

Hello everybody,

I'm here to look for some advices, I will explain my current situation, then my goals and some questions related to that goals, so it will be easier to answer to a particular point or the entire post, as you prefer.

Current situation:

The Hardware:
I have a Macbook Pro 6.1 (Mid 2010), with 4G RAM, 500 GB HDD. It has a 17" screen, no external screens. I usually attach my android device and iPod only. No fancy stuff here.

The Software:
On this days I'm running an EFI dualboot, with Mavericks in one side, Funtoo in another (Yeah, I know it's not supported here, I'm gonna change for Gentoo). The bootloader is Grub2.
The partition Scheme is the following:

   1 - 200.0 MiB  - Used as EFI partition and /boot
   2 - 93.1 GiB - OS X 10.9
   3 - 619.9 MiB  - OSX Recovery HD
   4 - 46.6 GiB - OS X Users (HFS w/o journaling, mounted at /home/share under linux)
   5 - 4.0 GiB - Linux swap
   6 - 100.0 GiB - EXT4 - /
   7 - 15.0 GiB - EXT4 - /usr/portage
   8 - 206.1 GiB - EXT4 - /home

Everything is working fine and running great except the Optimus GPU switching, but I didn't put any time on that yet.
I want to change some things and I think that would be easier to wipe everything and start from scratch with a clean, secure and nice system.

The goals and the questions:

I decided to go with Gentoo, because even if I think that Daniel Robbins is a visionary, I don't like to depend just on one person. At networking level if I'm pleased with the result of this, I'm gonna change every computer of my home to Gentoo, so I don't think there is a problem with that. What I'm more worried about it's: security, stability of the system, and integrity of the data.

1. I don't really use OSX since I got Funtoo working, so I'm really in doubt about keeping it or going wild with just Linux. I know it's nice to have it for firmware updates, but I want to be realistic, it's an old macbook. I don't think there's a lot more of firmware updates coming. For iOS and OSX programming I can run it on a VM. So... there's any real advantage in having it installed or it's just eating storage?
2. How mature is ZFS right now? I'm thinking about going with the next partition scheme:
1 - 500.0 MiB  - Used as EFI partition and /boot
2 - ZFS pool under Luks for security

3 - Any recommendation about the datasets onto ZFS?
4 - One of my goals is to keep the system as secure as possible, while maintaining easy of use. So, it's worth using the hardened sources (SELinux) in a laptop? I use it mostly for software and web development, school (need to virtualize WinXP and Win7 :evil: ), and my own business.

Thanks for your answers

P.D. If you don't understand anything, just tell me, English is not my native language.
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