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lxc build from sources
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:48 pm    Post subject: lxc build from sources Reply with quote

I would like to create a live ebuild for LXC, and I stumbled upon an issue and figured I ask here for assistance. In the LXC configure script, if you try to build the python3 api, it does a pkg-config python3, which on my system fails. It is not that I don't have python3 installed but rather that in my pkgconfig directory, I have python-3.3.pc, and python-3.2.pc but no python3.pc.

So a couple of questions -
1) Shouldn't there be a python3.pc which is a symlink to python3.3 or 3.2 depending on which one is "the default python3"
2) Shouldn't there be a python2.pc for similar reasons
3) Shouldn't there be a python.pc

In the absence of those, what is the correct way to modify the script

Since it's checking to see that you have at least python3.2, looking for python-3.2.pc might work it could also fail if the person *only* has 3.3 installed. Should it be changed to something like pkg-config $(eselect python show --python3) but even that doesn't work since it returns python3.X not python-3.X. Nothing that a sed script couldn't fix but is there a better way?

Seems like this is something that could be managed with eselect python, along with the other symlinks.
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