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Deprecated Kernel Options
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:55 am    Post subject: Deprecated Kernel Options Reply with quote

Is it safe to deselect deprecated kernel options?

When upgrading kernel from 3.10.7-gentoo to latest stable 3.10.32-gentoo I noticed that a number of kernel options are tagged as "deprecated". The ones that concern me the most are in ACPI and given that this is a laptop want to exercise caution. I can't find anything on Google or Gentoo's wiki's that explicitly states it is safe to remove them from kernel but can't find anything that says it is bad either. Best I can find is
This driver is deprecated and not needed for most systems.
and the HELP menu in genkernel essentially says the same thing.

These two immediately leap out at me.

Deprecated /proc/acpi files │ │
│ │ [ ] Deprecated power /proc/acpi directories │ │
│ │ < > EC read/write access through /sys/kernel/debug/ec │ │
│ │ [ ] Deprecated /proc/acpi/event support

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

From a general standpoint,

1/ Setting an option in the kernel will trigger no more than the build of some precise piece of code.
2/ This piece of code can bee needed by :
- another in-kernel piece of code that you (implicitely or explicitely) asked for, then deprecated or not, this option is likely to be forced on.
- some hardware you need to drive, in which case, deprecated or not, if you actually get that hardware in your system, you should still get this option set,

- some userspace program that will issue system calls that is to say asking for this piece of code to run,
- some precise infrastructure of files to be built and updated by the kernel at run time, in order for userspace programs to use them.

In the two last cases listed above (yours is the latter) the answer to your question is simple :

Do you run userspace programs, do you issue shell commands that implicitely or explicitely call this piece of code / refer to these files ?
- No ? Then drop it,
- Yes ? Then keep it even if labeled deprecated. But look for more up to date alternative to these userspace utilities that no longer rely on these deprecated features of the kernel.
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