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[solved]HTC On - Android sucks - complete newbie not a howto
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:46 pm    Post subject: [solved]HTC On - Android sucks - complete newbie not a howto Reply with quote

With an HTC One, and when following the wiki, I get mixed results.

With mtpfs, it work, but I cannot see all the files. As example, "Internal memory/DCIM" is here and it is files and directories in it, but "Internal memory/DCIM/100Media" is empty, when I should find the pictures from the camera.

With gMTP, I get all the files. So I added the gmtp section into the wiki.

It is another issue. When I mount the phone with mtpfs, I get 2 main directories "/media/HTC/Internal memory" and /media/HTC/Playlists" (which is empty too), when with gmtp, I only get the content of "Internal memory".

Is it an explanation to that mess? And is it a way to get the 2 main directories from the phone with all their files?

EDIT: To summarize, with mtpfs, I get:

/media/HTC/Internal memory/*.*
where some under directories do have files but under directories like 100Media, Music and Downloads are empty. Music do have under directories, but they are empty. I also get
/media/HTC/Playlists which is empty when I know it is files into it.

With gmtp, I only get:
/media/HTC/Internal memory/*.*
but with all its files and under directories.

What I want is a way to get both /media/HTC/Internal memory/*.* and /media/HTC/Playlists/*.* with all their files and under directories.

EDIT2: I try go-mtpfs. The result is the same than with gmtp.

EDIT3: I decided to make a playlist in the phone, which created a file, which have a size of 0. But apparently it work with the phone. More I use android, more it look like to be completely bloated.

And I can find that file. with mtpfs, it will appear in /media/HTC/Playlists/, when with the other software, I get now a Playlists directory with is mixed with the root of "Internal memory".

So now, even if the playlist files have a size of 0, I can found them. So that's solved for me. And mtpfs still don't see a lot of files. I will now try to remove all the bloat from that f. phone.

EDIT4: Another issue with plain mtpfs: If I go in an empty directory like ".../Music/Paco de Lucia" , it appear to be empty when I know it is files in it. If I create a directory in that "empty" directory, magically all the files appear, and when I remove that directory, they disappear again.

EDIT5: adb backup explain what you can do on a non rooted device. It will be equivalent to what you can do with simple-mtpfs and the like. If you want to do more, the only solution is to root your device. Android sucks!

To root your device, Tutorial] Root, Unlock, Recovery and flashing a Custom ROM explain every thing for a HTC One. For other devices, just search that forum.
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