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Asus A53U super hybrid engine
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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2014 9:06 pm    Post subject: Asus A53U super hybrid engine Reply with quote

EDIT: I rtfm more carefully and got the option to show up (by enabling hotkey stuff). I'll start rebuilding my modules and let you know if it worked in an eternity or two (1 ghz, remember) but in the mean time, advice on the issue is appreciated.

Howdy! I've installed gentoo on my asus A53U, and everything is working, more or less. I used genkernel first time around, and the processor is running at 1 ghz. It's marketed as being able to do 1.6 ghz, but that's dependent on turning off (on?) the "super hybrid engine" (ASHE).

It's not an eeepc (i assume) but the only mention of the ASHE I can find is for eeepcs. So I thought I'd try turning on the eeepc module that has ASHE support. In menuconfig I search for eee and find:

Symbol: EEEPC_LAPTOP [=n]
-> Device Drivers
    -> X86 Platform specific drivers ... =y
depends on: X86 =y X86_platform_drivers =y ACPI =y  INPUT =y RFKILL=m || RFKILL

(sorry for all the ...s, one of the things that's not working so well is middle click emulation, I haven't found a way to copy paste from xterm into chromium)

But when I go to X86 platform specific drivers the only relevant option that shows up is Asus laptop extras, which I have enabled.

So, would this module help in the first place? If so, how do I turn it on? I should note that I've tried doing this before graphically in Lubuntu with programs like Jupiter with no luck, cpufreq, etc, never show an option above 1.0 ghz.

Thanks for reading!
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